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  • Accu-Wedge

    The ACCU - Wedge is one of those essential parts of an AR-15 which, unfortunately, did not come pre-installed. This component adds stability and eliminates any chance of unwanted noise from this particular weak point in an otherwise fine weapon. This is...

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  • C Products 9mm MagWell Block

    This polymer magazine adapter drops into an AR-15 lower receiver and allows the use of 9mm C-Products magazines with 9mm Luger AR-15 upper receivers. This adapter installs from the top of the lower receiver and allows the standard magazine catch to be...

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  • CMMG Lower Parts Kit

    Lower Parts Kit for AR-15. Includes pistol grip, fire controls and pins necessary to complete stripped lower receiver. All AR15 Lower Parts Kits now come in color coded pouches to aid in assembly.

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  • Command Arms Battery Storage Grip

    Designed as a quick detachable vertical grip, it features an internal waterproof storage compartment for up to three lithium 123 size batteries. The BVG Grip mounts on Picatinny and Weaver rails. The BVG is easily installed, or removed, by use of a...

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  • Command Arms Black Ergonomic Vertical Grip

    Command Arms Accessories - AVG - This ergonomic vertical grip assists you in the proper positioning and posture for an accurate shot. Features: - Facilitates natural fighting stance holds on your rifle - Improved performance and reaction time, reduces...

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  • DPMS AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit

    This lower receiver kit includes everything needed to build a complete a lower receiver, less a stock assembly and stripped lower receiver of your choice. All parts are made to standard military specs. Kit Includes: Bolt Catch, Bolt Catch Plunger, Bolt...

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  • ERGO Sure Grip Pistol Grip AR-15 Black

    Sure Grip Ambi ERGO Grip for the AR. Ergonomically designed grip is comfortable and prevents fatigue. Sure Grip is our rubber overmolded grip. Molded from advanced space age polymers, the ERGO Grip is extremely durable. Rear upper extension supports the...

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  • Hahn Precision Bottom 9mm MagWell Block

    Designed for quick caliber change between 5.56mm and 9mm with minimal effort. Adapter loads in from the bottom of the magazine well and secures with a tension device. Ideal for users using Colt type magazines and frequently changing between calibers that...

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  • Hahn Precision Dedicated 9mm MagWell Block

    Designed for the professional with a dedicated 9mm weapon system. The standard 5.56mm bolt hold open is utilized because of its superior strength over the 9mm version. The adapter can only be removed at the Armorer's level once installed. Holds open on...

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  • Hahn Precision Sub Caliber Buffer

    Hahn Precision Sub Caliber Buffer

    Stainless steel buffer designed specifically for pistol caliber conversions with collapsable stocks. The 7 ounce weight and longer length contribute to a shorter stroke and softer felt recoil. The sliding insert acts as an anti bounce weight.  The...

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  • Hahn Precision Top MagWell Block

    Adapter drops into the top of the receiver and virtually impossible to remove unless the upper receiver is opened. Ideal for users using Uzi and Colt type magazines not concerned with having the bolt hold open feature. Uzi magazines require modification...

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